The Seneca County Comprehensive Plan was last updated in the late 1970s. The Seneca County Department of Planning and Community Development has been in the process of updating this Plan in a "notebook" format. As each individual plan was adopted, it was ready to become a "chapter" within the overall Seneca County Comprehensive Plan. Final Drafts of the remaining "chapters" have been completed (and proposed). It is anticipated that the Full Comprehensive Plan will be adopted in the Spring of 2014.

To read the full draft of the proposed Economic Development plan, follow the link below (it is also available on the County's Department of Planning and Community Development website).

As the leading voice of business in our community, the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce has carefully reviewed this important, proposed "chapter" dealing with Economic Development and would like to include the feedback of our business community prior to the plan's finalization. It is important to note, that this plan has a wide-range of audiences (i.e. prospective businesses looking to locate in our community, current businesses looking to expand operations, government/policy leaders looking for guidance on proposed projects, etc). Your input is vitally important.

Question Title

* 1. What is (or can be) Seneca County's competitive advantage with respect to future development?

(i.e. What would set Seneca County apart from competing communities in attracting development? What is something that we do better than most and can possibly capitalize on?)

Geography? (Thruway, 318, Depot, 5/20, Canal)
Industry? (Agriculture, Manufacturing, Tourism)
People? (Workforce, diversity,/demographic)
Culture? (Quiet community, supportive, progressive, etc.)

Question Title

* 2. What is/are the barrier(s) to improved or increased development in Seneca County?

(i.e. What must be improved to create ideal conditions for future development? What impedes development projects in Seneca County)

Infrastructure (Transport, utilities, services)
Regulatory (Timeliness, Government processes)
Perceptions (Internal or external)

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* 3. What should be the county's Guiding Principles (litmus test) when deciding over future projects?

(i.e. Each of the following represents proposed Guiding Principles. How strongly do you agree with those being proposed and what does each mean to you? You can also propose one of your own.)

Disagree Indifferent Agree
Develop a strong, growing, diversified economy
Integrate both short and long term economic, environmental and social considerations
Allow for broad community involvement on decisions and actions that affect them
Avoid Serious or irreversible damage to the environment
Assess the risk-weighted consequences of various options
Make those who generate pollution, waste and damage bear the costs of containment, avoidance, abatement or repair
**User-Defined Guiding Principle** (Please type guiding principle and what it means in the box below)

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* 4. What should be our economic development goals in order to make Seneca County a leading place to live, work and play?

(i.e. Each of the following represent proposed goals for the county's Economic Development Plan. How strongly do you agree with the proposed economic development goals and what is a critical action item for each? You can also propose one of your own.)

Disagree Indifferent Agree
Research, analyze, and publish data on County economic trends and economic indicators.
Encourage greater collaboration with NYS, municipalities, economic development organizations, and private and nonprofit partners to advance the goals and strategies of this plan.
Seek and support local and non-local businesses that strengthen and diversify the economic base, expand and enhance the tax base, improve wage and salary levels, and utilize the resident workforce, without diminishing the quality of natural, historical, or cultural resources in the county.
Enhance tourism as a vital aspect of the County’s economy and quality of life.
Minimize land use conflicts.
**User-Defined Goal** (Please type your goal and top action item in the box below).

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* 5. What additional goals, action items or comments do you have regarding the proposed Seneca County Economic Development Plan?

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* 6. What business type/industry do you represent?

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* 7. How long has your business/organization operated in Seneca County?