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This is for those who cannot validly support the European Citizens' Initiative that requests that the Commission propose means to avoid risk of collective loss of EU citizenship and rights, and assure all EU citizens that, once attained, such status is permanent and their rights acquired.

When the European Commission made its proposals for the European Citizens' Initiative, it wanted the rules on signing a petition to be the same in every Member State. That did not happen. Now some EU citizens resident in the EU fall between the cracks. This list is for those people who cannot validly sign the European Citizens' Initiative on Permanent European Union Citizenship - or https://eci.ec.europa.eu/002/public/#/initiative.

This list has no legal standing, but we hope it will send a strong political message alongside the initiative itself.

Brexpats Hear Our Voice (BHOV) is compiling this list in collaboration with www.eucitizen2017.org.

To find out more about BHOV, go to brexpatshov.com. If you have questions about this list, please email permanenteucitizenship@gmail.com.

We are asking for your email address so that we can check the credibility of the listing. We do not plan to send you any emails. We will keep you updated on progress on our website and via our Facebook page.

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