Beaches and Dunes

The following indicators are already part of the testing process. There are either Indicators now (Current indicators) or made it through review to the selection team but were not selected ("2nd Tier indicators"). If you need more info on the current indicators click here

Current indicators

Productivity of loggerhead sea turtles
Index of beach birds
Miles of altered beach

"2nd Tier" indicators to be tested

Occupancy of beach mice
Acres of beach

In addition to what's listed above, please use the following questions to suggest other ecosystem components to test the indicators against

Question Title

* 1. The following potential indicators were suggested during the indicator selection process. Please rank the importance of testing how well the current indicators cover them. (note: you can drag and drop them to put them in the order you want)

Question Title

* 2. It will be possible to test how well the indicators cover other things you think are important in this ecosystem (potentially including biotic or abiotic components and things with small and restricted ranges). Other than what's already listed above, what else would you like tested?