1. Organic Lamb Producer

To help increase your sales of lamb this Easter and throughout the rest of the year, the Soil Association Producer Support team are creating an online directory of producers who sell organic lamb directly to the public.

To ensure your details are included in this directory, please answer the following questions and submit your response no later than Friday 6 April 2012.

If you have any queries please call us on 0117 914 2400.

* 1. Please confirm your name and address:

* 2. Which county are you in?

* 3. Please confirm your postcode:

* 4. Please confirm your licence number:

* 5. Do you have organic lamb available for direct sale this year?

* 6. Please select which months of the year that you have organic lamb for sale:

* 7. Please confirm some of the lamb cuts that you have for sale:

* 8. What other organic meats do you have available throughout the year?

* 9. What additional organic products do you have available for direct sale throughout the year?

* 10. Can you take orders directly from the public?

* 11. What is your preferred method for receiving orders from customers?

* 12. Please provide your email address:

* 13. Please provide the most appropriate contact number for placing an order:

* 14. Please provide your website details:

* 15. Are you happy for the Soil Association Producer Support Team to add your details to the Soil Association website?

* 16. Please provide any additional commentary:

Thank you for submitting your details. Please feel free to contact the producer support team on 0117 9142400 with any queries.