Nearly 1 in 5 trips in California are now on foot or by bike. The State has a tremendous opportunity to again double walking and bicycling trips by 2030 with strategic, cost-effective investments in active transportation. Shifting trips under one mile from driving to active transportation would avoid approximately 1.3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions and provide healthy, safe, and connected transportation choices for all Californians.

By pairing green infrastructure with active transportation, the state can maximize its climate change investments: improving the quality of the community environment, improving public health through increased active transportation and recreation opportunities, providing significant heat mitigation, air quality, and carbon sequestration benefits. Green infrastructure such as shade trees, vegetated planters or park strips between curb and sidewalk, bioswales and permeable paving increases street-level comfort for people walking and biking.

Currently, the state Active Transportation Program (ATP) is critically underfunded and under-resourced, with nearly $800 million in shovel-ready walking, bicycling and Safe Routes to School projects and programs left unfunded in last year’s ATP Cycle.


1. Increase funding for the Active Transportation Program (ATP) by $100 million to reduce vehicle miles traveled and the household cost of transportation, while improving public health, air and water quality, economic development, and livability of communities.

2. With increased ATP funding, integrate green infrastructure and access to parks and green space more fully into the goals and eligibility of the ATP to increase the greenhouse gas reduction potential and co-benefits of the program.

3. Ensure substantial ATP investments in projects that provide meaningful benefits to disadvantaged communities to uphold the goals of SB 99 (2013) and SB 535 (2012).

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