* 1. Have you ever attended an 'In Conversation' event? (if 'No' go straight to Q6)

* 2. Which of the following have you attended?

* 3. How many people were in your party? (on average if you've attended more than one event)

* 4. Please rate which elements of the evening you enjoy most about the event.

  Enjoyable I love this! My favourite part of the evening!!
The interviewee
The music performances
Hearing about someone's life story, whoever the guest
The ambiance of the event
An opportunity to socialise with friends / colleagues

* 5. How would you rate the following services at the venue?

  Could be improved Good Excellent
Ticket Collection

* 6. If you've never attended an 'In Conversation' event, please tell us why.

* 7. Would you be interested in attending 'In Conversation' events in other cities (where interviewees and musicians are local to the city of choice)?

* 8. Who would you like to see 'In Conversation'?

* 9. Please enter any other comments you may have about the 'In Conversation' series.

* 10. Are you male or female?

* 11. What is your age?

* 12. Please enter your name

* 13. Please enter your email address

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