* 1. Mike is experiencing symptoms of dementia. The first things his friends and family noticed were personality changes, and then memory problems started later. Mike probably has:

* 2. ___________ are places in the brain where there are deposits or buildups of a substance called amyloid protein.

* 3. Someone who experiences a sudden, noticeable decline in functioning is likely to have:

* 4. Dementia caused by __________ is potentially reversible.

* 5. Medications for dementia:

* 6. On the Functional Assessment Staging scale, what distinguishes “Normal adult” from “Normal older adult”?

* 7. On the Clinical Dementia Rating Scale, which stage includes “cannot function independently at community affairs”?

* 8. In the early stages of dementia, caregivers may need to assist with:

* 9. The condition known as “mild cognitive impairment” is always the first sign of dementia.

* 10. Dementia diagnosis usually occurs immediately after the symptoms start.

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