1. Survey Questions


The following alumni survey is very important to the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department at Cal Poly Pomona. The results will be used for assessment and continuous improvement and are vital to our accreditation efforts. The responses are anonymous and only summary data will be used in reporting findings. The survey is shorter than our previous surveys and designed to take less than 10 minutes. This part consists of 32 multiple choice opinion questions followed by Part 2 which asks 12 demographic questions.

Thank you for your assistance!

Dr. Phil Rosenkrantz
IME Department Assessment Coordinator

* 1. Opinion Questions

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
I continue to pursue professional growth in my field
I am active ina a professional organization related to my field of interest
My education at Cal Poly Pomona had a positive impact on where I am today in my life
I intend to pursue another college degree sometime in the future
I intend to maintain or pursue professional registration or certification in the future
I expect to change jobs one or more times in the future
I often find myself providing technical leadership to others, whether it is part of my job description or not
My Cal Poly Pomona experience has helped me understand and appreciate the global aspects of the society and marketplace I am part of
My Cal Poly Pomona experience helped prepare me for many of the changes in the marketplace that I have experienced.
My Cal Poly Pomona experience helped prepare me for ethical decision-making that I have had to face in my career
I am regularly engaged in designing or improving production or service systems
I am regularly engaged in designing or improving quality systems
I am regularly engaged in the integration of information technology in the workplace in some way
I understand the financial side of my organization and how it works
I have a positive impact on the financial success of my organization
Overall, I am satisfied with my undergraduate degree program(s) at Cal Poly Pomona

* 2. To what level are you involved with or use the following knowledge, skill or ability areas in your professional career?

  Very Low or None Low Medium High Very High
Industrial Engineering (time study, work standards, methods, facilities design, ergonomics, etc.)
Operations Research (linear programming, simulation, queuing, etc.)
Statistical analysis (including regression, Design of Experiments)
Product design
Process design
Manufacturing system design
Leadership or management
Information Technology (includes database development, data mining, networks, and networking)
Quality, Productivity, Measurement, Quality Management Systems (e.g., ISO 9001:2000), Continuous Improvement
Project management
Biotechnology/Biomedical Engineering
Engineering science (e.g., statics, dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, electrical circuits)
Basic sciences (e.g., chemistry, physics, biology)
Making professional presentations to others
Participating on a design, process improvement, or problem solving team