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Your feedback is important to us! We are looking to our community, patients and partners to help imagine the future of Headwaters. Please complete this short survey to give us feedback on the strengths and opportunities to improve our hospital, and to share what’s most important to you and your family, in your community hospital. 

* 1. When is the last time you or a family member visited Headwaters hospital?

* 2. During or after your last visit to Headwaters, how did you feel? (Please check all that apply)

* 3. Rate your overall satisfaction with Headwaters

* 4. How likely would you be to recommend Headwaters to your family and friends?

* 5. Please rank the following in order of importance to you

* 6. What is Headwaters best known for? What are the hospital's greatest achievements?

* 7. What is Headwaters greatest value to the community? What are the most valuable services that the hospital provides to the community?

* 8. In what areas does Headwaters need the most improvement? What missed opportunities should the hospital be working on?