Please complete the following 16 pairs of behavioral statements.

Use this guide to understand your current ability to manage yourself and others and identify potential areas for development. This will then allow us to select the most appropriate ilm Units for your development. Simply read the pair of behavioural statements associated with each competency and tick the number on the scale of 1 to 6 to indicate, in your experience, where you think you are at the moment.

* 1. Accountability

* 2. Assertiveness

* 3. Building Partnerships

* 4. Coaching

* 5. Communicating with Clarity

* 6. Delegation

* 7. Drive and Self Motivation

* 8. Group Communication Skills

* 9. Holding People Accountable

* 10. Interpersonal Skills

* 11. Managing Conflict

* 12. Performance Management

* 13. Personal Effectiveness

* 14. Problem Solving

* 15. Self Confidence

* 16. Team Leadership

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