Request for School Board Participation

ILEA (International Languages Educators' Association) of Ontario is a professional subject association that promotes and supports the provision and development of programs in International Languages within school districts in the province of Ontario. Recognized by the Ministry of Education as a professional subject association, ILEA is interested in developing a healthy vision towards multilingualism within Canada. In order to support the Ministry of Education's new IL-E (International Languages - Elementary) Resource Guide, ILEA has initiated this survey to gather information on IL-E programs within the province of Ontario. This information will be kept confidential but a summary of findings will be shared among ILEA's school board representatives as well as with the Ministry of Education, helping to determine future needs for the field of international language teaching.

To complete the survey, you will need your most recent (2014-2015) Ministry of Education Report and budget.  If you have any questions, please contact ILEA at

Thank you.