Functional Competencies, Foundational Competencies, focus on Mindsets and Behaviours

Case 1: MNC (INSYNC)
INSYNC is the second largest global clothing retailer, known for its fast-fashion (ready to wear) clothing brands for men, women and teenagers. Fast fashion clothing collections are based on the most recent fashion trends, with an emphasis on optimizing certain aspects of the supply chain in order for these trends to be designed and manufactured quickly and inexpensively to allow mainstream consumers to buy current clothing styles at a lower price.

Globally headquartered in London, it presently operates in 37 countries with over 3,000 stores across Europe and the Americas. As of last year, the company employs 116,000 staff globally in Sales, Supply Chain Management, Operations, HR and Finance, etc. As a global MNC, INSYNC also follows a standardised recruitment process in their search for talent. Stores are typically staffed with Sales advisors, Managers, Visual Merchandisers, and Store/Inventory Controllers.
Recent Developments
1. Corporate Management recently made a decision to expand into the Asia market.

Given its proximity and access into the rest of Asia, Singapore was chosen as the Regional HQ – with functions such as HR, IT, Finance, Sales and Supply Chain Management to support its planned expansion. Starting with a flagship store in Singapore, INSYNC has aggressive expansion plans, and is aiming to have at least two (2) stores in each location - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong within the next four (4) years.

A team of four (4) management staff from Global HQ will be relocated to Singapore to take up the following regional Asia positions: Asia Chief Executive (Charles Xavier), Director for Sales and Supply Chain Management (Viktor Schott), Chief Technology Officer (Richard Ferraro) and Finance Director (James Roth)

2. INSYNC’s business is facing competition with the growth of e-commerce, and aims to grow its share of the on-line business.
INSYNC’s CEO (based in London) has openly shared his view that the current IT systems and applications are not ‘up to scratch’; grounded by his strong belief that offering an inspiring online shopping experience is the way to differentiate INSYNC from other competitors. Currently, close to 70% of the IT spending budget is spent on systems maintenance, including its corporate website. 

He has charged Richard, the recently appointed Asia Chief Technology Officer (CTO), based in Singapore, to use the opportunity to launch an e-commerce model for Asia.

Question Title

* 1. You are the newly hired HR manager for Singapore, reporting directly into the Global HR Director in London with a dotted line to the Asia Chief Executive, Charles Xavier. You are tasked to plan the workforce requirements, and your immediate priority is to come up with a resourcing plan for two (2) Singapore stores including the flagship store.
What would be some of the information or data that you would require in determining the workforce requirements?
i. Detailed financial budget for the Singapore office
ii. Personal Data Protection
iii.Retail sales staff turnover rate in the industry
iv. Manpower costs
v. Impact of technology on the business

Question Title

* 2. Viktor, the Director for Sales and Supply Chain Management, and yourself have agreed that each Singapore store requires at least eighteen (18) employees, and the first positions to be filled are the three (3) Sales Managers in time for its opening in six (6) months.

How would you go about responding to the Viktor’s request? 

Question Title

* 3. The recruitment agency referred another candidate, Samantha, who has the right level of experience and comes from another organization with exactly the same sales manager job role. It was unanimous that she is best qualified for the position.

You are delighted to be offering her the position. However, the recruitment agency that referred Samantha informed you that she is thinking of declining the offer as she has a more attractive salary package from a competitor - one of the leading privately owned online fashion company in Singapore.

INSYNC’s starting salary for the Manager level is competitive, and the role is a stepping stone to an exciting career with great people and growth opportunities.

Based on INSYNC’s internal employee survey findings, potential career growth opportunities and global exposure were highlighted as the main advantages of working at INSYNC, given INSYNC’s position as a multi-national corporation and global operations.

As the HR Manager, what action would you take, upon hearing this?