This survey is part of the IHES (Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society) project funded by the Erasmus+ programme. This project includes eight partner institutions with Palacký University Olomouc as the main coordinator. Partner institutions are Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Departament D´Empresa i Coneixement and Grupo Santander in Spain, Academic Cooperation Association and Lifelong Learning Platform in Belgium, and Global Impact Institute and the Olomouc Region in the Czech Republic. The project aims to support society in many different ways through the internationalisation activities of universities by addressing societal needs. In the current stage of the project, we are developing a report on the status of IHES across Europe and beyond. 
With this survey we would like to identify interesting case studies and examples of good practice in international higher education for society which fall under the following definition:
"Internationalisation of Higher Education for Society (IHES) explicitly aims to benefit the wider community, at home or abroad, through international or intercultural education, research, service and engagement." (Brandenburg et al.)

Some of the examples collected in this survey will be further described in the online repository and analysed for the production of the report.

We are very grateful for the time you are taking for filling in this survey and would appreciate if you could further disseminate it with your colleagues who are running such activities, for example international relations officers, senior leadership, central policy officers, department directors or any positions considered to be relevant for this purpose. Filling out the survey should take around 15 minutes.

Should you have any questions or simply want to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact Martin Bogdan ( 
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