* 1. How satisfied were you with

  Very satisfied Satisfied Not satisfied
The knowledge you gained
The format of the Congress (sessions, study visits, breaks etc.)
The quality of the contributions/speakers
The quality of the plenary sessions
The quality of the parallel sessions
The quality of the study visits
The informal activities (Opening ceremony, reception, etc.)
The information on the congress website
The information sent beforehand
The practical handling/execution
The registration process
The location of UCL
The venue at UCL
The location of the Opening Ceremony
The venue of the Opening Ceremony
Food & Beverage
The Congress as a whole

* 2. Which speaker(s) and moderator(s) did you find most interesting?

* 3. Did you network with others with whom you will be in touch with in the future?

* 4. Please specify the main reason for attending this Congress

* 5. Did the Congress fulfill your reason for attending?

* 6. What was the most beneficial aspect of the Congress? Why?

* 7. Will you take action(s) on what you learned about “A Tomorrow for Cities: for people, by people”?

* 8. Would you recommend this Congress to others?

* 9. What could be improved for the next time?

* 10. How did you learn about this Congress?