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My name is Stacey Andros LinkedIn . I am an IELTS coach and the owner of EnglishLab.Net, which is an online language school that hosts its classrooms on .

The purpose of this survey is to learn

* past and current speaking tasks (part 1 and part 3 questions, and part 2 tasks - short talk topics)
* past and current writing tasks (essay topics, letter topics, graph topics)

I would appreciate it if you shared your memories of the exam. This will help many students! I will share the results of this survey on the ELN's Facebook page on a regular basis -
and on our school website (we teach English online via Skype using Virtual classrooms) -

If you share your memories, and need extra help with IELTS, feel free to leave your details (name, email and Skype ID) and add me to your Skype contact list (stacey_ielts). Please note that I will only accept your contact request if you leave your contact details in this survey form (no anonymous requests will be accepted).

Regardless of whether or not you need IELTS preparation, THANK YOU for your answers!

Question Title

* 1. My name is Stacey Andros, you can read more about me on LinkedIn , and you can contact me at .

Could you introduce yourself, too? I would like to be able to thank you for your answers, share the results of the survey, and it might also be necessary to ask you to clarify some of the answers you will choose to provide. By all means it is OK to remain anonymous, and not to provide any answers ))