Do You Have Trucks Sitting Idle?

This questionnaire asks a series of Yes or No questions concerning factors relating to making sure that your driver recruiting and retention practices are as effective as possible.  Based on our experience, these factors are critical to attracting good drivers, retaining those you have, and maximizing your Return on Assets. 

The correct answer to each question should be YES.  If you would like to discuss any of these factors and how they relate to your business, please feel free to contact Trincon Group at 614-442-0590 for a free, no obligation consultation.

* 1. Is Recruiting seperate from the Safety Department?

* 2. Has your website been optimized to draw new driver web searches to your website?

* 3. Can driver candidates easily fill out a short-form application on your website?

* 4. Do you consistently check employment references?

* 5. Does your driver compensation recognize previous industry experience and tenure within your company?

* 6. Is your orientation program for two full days or more - excluding any pre-hire testing and on-the-job training?

* 7. Do the president and/or key department managers welcome new drivers and participate in the orientation process?

* 8. Does each new driver actually have the opportunity to meet and get to know their dispatcher or supervisor?

* 9. Do you conduct scheduled periodic face-to-face performance reviews with each driver?

* 10. Do you have and enforce Driver Performance Standards and Work Rules?

* 11. Would you like a free, no obligation consultation on this issue?