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The XPotential Innovation Capability Benchmarking survey has been developed based on global best practice, sourced from multiple references that are relevant to large and small organisations across most industries.

The survey is divided into 3 different sections:

1. Business Innovation Performance Self-Assessment
To be completed by each individual about their company and their assessment of the effectiveness of current innovation efforts.

2. Businesses Innovation Competencies Self-Assessment
To be completed by each individual in the program about their company. A database of results across companies has been captured to build normative data in Australia and other countries, which enables us to assess your business against these benchmarks.

3. Demographics
Questions that enable us to segment by industry and assess the impact of various demographic variables on innovation success that will help you improve your innovation success rates.
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XPotential™ trading as Percolate Pty Ltd ATF Percolate Trust (ABN 66 328 450 170) make no express or implied guarantees, representations or warranties to survey Participant’s in relation to the innovation strategies, material or information provided during or ancillary to this survey.
Participants should not act solely on the basis of this survey and should consider other factors including those specifically relevant to a Participant’s individual circumstances before implementing or using any of the outputs of this survey.
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