1. Student and Internship Information

This is the Internship Proposal Application for the S-CAR Undergraduate Program. Please respond to each of the questions with one or two complete paragraphs. Give these questions some thought; reflective and thorough responses will be more than one or two sentences. There are seven sections in this application. Please complete all sections. An email will be sent to the students letting them know their application has been delayed if incomplete applications are submitted. This form must be completed by the designated Internship deadline.

* 1. Student Information:

* 2. Have you completed CONF 101?

* 3. Have you completed CONF 210?

* 4. Have you completed CONF 300?

* 5. How many credits will you have completed BEFORE the start of the internship?

* 6. Internship Information:

* 7. Describe, in detail, what you expect to do during your internship. What knowledge, skills and abilities do you hope to develop, expand or explore during your internship?

* 8. How did you learn about the internship?

* 9. What do you know about the organization?

* 10. How does this internship fit with your studies of Conflict Analysis and Resolution?

* 11. How does this internship relate to your personal and career goals?