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You are invited to participate in a clinical research study investigating a brand new medication-free approach to treating IBS. Start by completing the questionnaire below and study administrator Sally Iles will contact you within 3 days to see if you qualify.

50% of IBS sufferers feel that foods play a role in their symptoms, but most can’t pinpoint the specific foods involved. They are told they have food “sensitivities” rather than true food allergies because traditional food allergy testing--prick and scratch testing--is rarely useful and not recommended for IBS.

The current free clinical study investigates whether these “sensitivities” are indeed hidden food allergies by using a lesser known and overlooked food allergy test called patch testing (no pain, no needles). Recent small studies using this testing for IBS had good results.

How it works: Patch testing identifies specific food allergies, typically just one or a few, and an avoidance diet based on the test results is then started. A brief questionnaire at the end of the dietary avoidance period is used to see whether avoidance of these foods had an effect on IBS symptoms. Results will help show whether food "sensitivities" are true allergies after all, detectable by a simple test.

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There are 5 questions in the survey. Be sure to answer all 5 and click "Done" at the very end to assure your answers are received.

You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

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