Toward Zero Baltimore Safety Pledge

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* 1. Toward Zero Baltimore (TZB) is a safety initiative of the Baltimore City Department of Transportation. The primary goal of TZB is to prioritize safety on city streets. This long-term initiative will move Baltimore Toward ZERO traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries by 2040. Baltimore’s transportation system, comprising a network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities, transit, and roadways, should integrate and move people from origin to destination safely.

Take the Toward Zero Safety Pledge today!!

Baltimore City Department of Transportation is asking that you take the pledge for a safer Baltimore.

I pledge to follow these safety measure every day when I walk, bike, and take transit:

1) Watch Out! Put Devices down and take earphones out. Your full attention is needed when crossing the street.

2) Make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you.

3) Walk on the sidewalks and look for cars that are turning or backing up.

4) Only Cross where there are crosswalks and wait for your GO signal.

5) If you see someone that is distracted while walking, driving, or biking, say something.

I also pledge to take the following driver safety measures:

1) Stop for pedestrian at crosswalks and be careful when passing stopped vehicles.

2) Slow down and obey the posted speed limit.

3) Yield to pedestrians and bicyclist when turning.

4) Look before opening your door.

5) Allow for 3 feet when passing bicyclist.

I took the safety pledge (pledge by completing the following):

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Safety Pledge Certificate for you!

Safety Pledge Certificate for you!

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