The purpose of the project is to provide an anonymous opportunity for participants to express what remains unvoiced within them.

The “I Wish I Had Said” Project:

I, Prina Shah, will create an art work which requires your contribution. You are as much a part of this artwork as I, the creator, am. I intend on exhibiting this piece mid 2014 and in my final Graduate Show at Edith Cowan University in Mount Lawley, Perth, Western Australia in December 2014 and will have further exhibitions and variations of this work.

Project Context:

We face many regrets in life of things that we have left unsaid; not being able to say our final words to our loved ones when they die because time swiftly carried them away, not fighting our case in an argument in order to maintain the status quo and to avoid confrontation, not saying sorry because of our pig-headedness, not sharing our love because of our closed hearts, not asking for forgiveness because we are too proud, not confessing the truth because that may shatter our worlds, or simply not saying that smart and funny remark that we could have when the time was right! Whatever it may be, we carry such burdens for years afterwards, they play on or minds and cause anguish and agitation because they remain unexpressed. The moment when things could have been said has passed and the ears they seek are no longer in within our grasp.

My project “I Wish I Had Said” provides the opportunity for you to express what remains unvoiced inside you.

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