You are invited to participate in research relating to the learner experience and engagement in hybrid learning environments.  This program of research is directed at a situated cognition construct of the individual within the learning environment and the dynamics of individual learner engagement throughout the learning experience.  
This survey is part of a data analysis effort to assess quantitative differences between learner engagement and learning outcomes in hybrid learning environments as compared to alternative learning environments.

Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary and will require completing a short online survey. This should take approximately ten minutes of your time. Your participation will be held in confidence and you will not be contacted again in the future.
Why is this research being done?
As part of its ongoing research in current and evolving practices in Learning & Development in the field, InSync Training is conducting an inquiry in implementations of hybrid learning that will be published as a research paper.  As part of that effort, InSync is measuring learner engagement within instructional deliveries, using this survey data to more broadly assess the practice of learning and development in a hybrid environment, and conducting interviews with SPONSORS of learning programs in large organizations.  Our goal is to develop a meaningful learning and development program to support the implementation and sustainability of learning and development practices for a hybrid workforce.

What are the study procedures?  What will I be asked to do?

If you agree to take part in this study, you will be asked to participate complete a brief survey.  The survey will cover the context and your impressions of a hybrid instructional delivery - your responses will be anonymous.  In addition, survey response data along with all other data will be held in strict confidentiality using an established data security protocol. InSync will do its best to protect the confidentiality of the information we gather from you but we cannot guarantee 100% confidentiality.  Your confidentiality will be maintained to the degree permitted by the technology used.  Specifically, no guarantees can be made regarding the interception of data sent via the Internet by any third parties on this survey platform.

What are the risks or inconveniences of the study

We believe this survey involves minimal risk and/or inconvenience to you.  Time spent in this survey is your only obligation, and you may, at your discretion, elect to withdraw from the study at any time. 

What are the benefits of the study?

Although you may find it interesting to participate in this study, there will be no direct benefit to you from your participation.  It is hoped that the results of this study will permit enhancement of effectiveness of hybrid instructional delivery formats and techniques in use in industry. If you would like, at the conclusion of this survey you may provide an e-mail address to be mailed an electronic copy of the report once it is completed (publication expected in mid-January 2024).

Will I receive payment for participation?  Are there costs to participate?

There are no costs and you will not be paid to be in this study.

By clicking on the NEXT button below, you are consenting to participating in the study as outlined.  Thank you for helping InSync advance the practice of learning and development for the modern workplace.