Are you interested in teaching a hybrid course but not sure where to begin? Have you been teaching a hybrid course and would like to get feedback and/or share your experiences?

The Center for Teaching & Learning is offering a bootcamp focusing on the development and assessment of hybrid courses. Faculty from all academic disciplines are invited to apply.

* Name and contact information:

* Name of course(s) you would like to develop and teach as hybrid:

* How often is this course offered?

* When this course is offered, approximately how many sections are available?

* Number of students typically enrolled in 1 section?

* Do you teach first year freshman or transfer students?

* What learning management system are you considering for the course(s) you will be working on?

* Briefly describe (up to 250 words)

* Do you have any scheduling conflicts on the days of the face-to-face sessions? (The sessions are: June 3 and June 7, 10am to 3pm.)

* Will you have reliable access to the Internet on June 4, 5, and 6 when we work on asynchronous activities?

* Although we have planned asynchronous online activities for June 4, 5, and 6, Ken Lord will be offering 2 Blackboard workshops on campus that week:
June 5 - full day workshop on Blackboard basics (creating assignments, online quizzes, gradebook, discussion forums, etc..)
June 6 - Blackboard Collaborate (CUNY's enterprise solution for video conferencing and synchronous online learning)
Are you interested in participating in one or both of these workshops?