* 1. Did you attend Hunters BBQ 2016?

* 2. If given a choice where would you prefer the annual Hunters Barbecue to be held?

* 3. This year the entry ticket was $25 which included dinner, dancing to live music and a raffle ticket for the President's gun. How did you feel the value of the ticket price was?

* 4. The ticket for children 18 and younger was $10.00 this year. What did you feel the value of this ticket price was?

* 5. What was your overall impression of the venue this year, Antler Oaks Lodge ?

* 6. Over the years menu changes have been tried. What are your feelings on what should be served for the meal at the Hunters Barbecue?

* 7. The annual Hunters Barbecue has been auctioning off guns for many years now. We would like to hear your opinions on what/if any changes should be made to the gun raffle.

* 8. If the chamber was to auction off new and different items, what would you like to see more of? Please use the comment box if you do not see a selection you like.

* 9. In recent years other communities have added big events and barbecues on opening hunting weekend in the surrounding cities, such as Boerne, which has effected our turnout, as well as other community events like football games. How do you feel about moving the date of hunters barbecue to try and improve participation by the community?

* 10. The Chamber of Commerce tried to spread the word as best we could about the upcoming Hunters Barbecue. Can you share with us where you saw or heard it advertised so that we can know what worked the best and reached the most of you? Please check the one that you noticed most frequently or caught your attention better than the others.

* 11. What would you like to see more of at future Hunters Barbecues?

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