Introduction and Instructions

Thank you for your interest in our study.
This survey is being conducted on behalf of Hospice UK to assess the current provision available for carers of adult patients accessing end of life care services.  This survey relates to lay/informal/family carers/caregivers who provide unpaid care and support to patients.

This study was granted ethical approval from Allied Manchester Business School (University of Manchester) in December 2017.

Please read the participant information sheet provided before completing the survey.  You will also need the study ID and passcode included in your study pack.  If you are unable to locate these you can contact James Higgerson using the details below to request that they are sent to you again.

Survey contents
The survey is split into seven sections, covering the following key areas:

A: Service details
B: Organisational approach
C: Recording of patient and carer data
D: Carer assessment and support processes
E: Training in carer assessment and support
F: Communication around carer assessment support
G: Family and bereavement support
Guidance on completing the survey
To complete the survey: 

1. Please read through the survey first to look at the different types of questions we will ask you.  Some questions may require you to access your organisation’s data management system, or you may need to consult with colleagues or pass the survey to other departments to complete some sections.  Reading through the questions first will help you plan the work involved.

2. You can complete the paper copy and send it back to the University of Manchester using the envelope provided, OR

3. Alternatively, completing this survey online, we recommend you collate answers in advance using the paper copy.  However, the online survey does automatically save each time you press the ‘next’ button.  You can return to edit responses at any time before submitting your answers provided you use the same PC/device. If you intend to complete this using multiple PCs/devices, please contact the study team to request an email link to enable this.  

4. If you have any questions, or would prefer to complete this survey over the telephone with a researcher from the University of Manchester, please contact James Higgerson (Research Associate) via telephone - (0161) 306 7777 – or email:

3% of survey complete.