1. GeoSTAC Pre-Test for High School

This is to inform you that you are participating in a project funded by the National Science Foundation and administered by faculty at Lane Community College. The focus of the project is to use geographic information technology in class work. Faculty members at Lane have been working with your teacher to develop lessons and activities that will introduce you to impotent career skills using geospatial technology. As part of the project, we would like you to participate in a pre-test and a post-test survey. The results from the assessment will be use to understand how these technologies help students learn. Any personal or identifying information from the pre- and post-test or from class work will be removed and not include in reports or publications. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Thank you for your time and effort.

NSF Grant #0903330

Lynn Songer, Ph.D., PI
Eric Sproles, CoPI

Acknowledgments: Many components of this test were developed by Dr. Jongwon Lee and further refined as part of the AAG’s "Teacher’s Guide to Modern Geography project."

Updated: September 25, 2010