* 1. My Child is Happy at this school

* 2. My child feels safe at this school

* 3. My child makes good progress at this school

* 4. My child is well taught at this school

* 5. My child is well looked after at this school

* 6. I receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress

* 7. My child receives appropriate homework for their age

* 8. This school deals effectively with bullying

* 9. This school is well led and managed

* 10. This school responds well to any concerns I raise

* 11. Would you recommend this school to another parent?

* 12. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

* 13. Would you be interested in supporting the School as part of a PTA or Parent Council?
If yes, please provide your Name, email address and in which way you would be willing to support. Alternatively you may use the contact@hrcschool.org email address.

Thank you for completing this survey.