Human Rights Clinic Alumni Questionnaire

This questionnaire – for students who took the Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinic since 2003 – is aimed at getting a better understanding of what the Human Rights Clinic has meant for its alumni. It is part of an effort to document the value of the Clinic and think about where it should go in the future.

If you were in the Clinic since 2003, please answer whatever questions you can. If the Clinic stood out – for good or bad – in your law school education, let us know.

* 1. How do you assess the value of the Human Rights Clinic in your law school experience? Why? Has that opinion changed over time?

* 2. What did the Clinic do well? What did it do poorly?

* 3. Has the Clinic contributed to your professional career in any way? If so, how?

* 4. What made it work (or not work)? What are essential elements that you would want to maintain? What would you drop?

* 5. Any other comments about the Clinic that you would like to convey - either to the Clinic or to the CLS community more broadly?

* 6. Year of graduation/degree