Please complete the HR technology and recruiting question buyer survey. We will be awarding $25 Visa gift cards to five lucky winners who complete the survey. 

* 1. When it comes to my job, my role is:

* 2. My duties and responsibilities fall under:

* 3. The industry I work in is:

* 4. At my company, I:

* 5. How many people are involved in the decision making process to purchase HR technology? 

* 6. I normally consider and demo with products as part of the HR technology buying process?

* 7. How big is the company you work for?

* 8. I am a:

* 9. What methods do you use to research about strategies, plans, products and services in HR and recruiting?

* 10. Results will be kept confidential. We will not distribute or sell your information.

For completing the survey you'll be entered into a drawing for 5, $25 Visa gift cards.