The High Point Metropolitan Planning Organization (HPMPO), in cooperation with Transportation Planning Division of the NCDOT, is updating the Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) for the area.  The CTP is a long-range plan that identifies major transportation improvements.  Your participation is essential in identifying transportation needs for the HPMPO area. 

* 1. How important are the following transportation goals to improving our community?

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Increase public transportation options
Improving congested areas
Support economic growth
Improve services for individuals with special needs
Increase bicycle and/or pedestrian options

* 3. If you face any of these obstacles in your daily commute, please specify the location.

* 4. How important are the following...

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important
New roads
Maintaining existing roads
Bus service
Bicycle lanes (On-road facilities)
Bicycle trails (Off-road facilities)
Passenger Rail (AMTRAK)

* 5. At which intersection(s) are you concerned about crash and safety issues?

* 6. Please identify if you support/agree with the importance of the following public transportation statements...

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Expand bus service area
Expand bus service hours
Expand bus service frequency
More bus shelters
Bus service on-time/more reliable
A pass that could be used for all systems
Expand passenger rail (AMTRAK) service

* 7. Please indicate the following...

* 8. Where did you hear about or receive this survey?

* 9. Do you have any additional comments?