1. Contact Information for Your Course Completion Certificate(s)

Please provide name and CHES/MCHES or other certificate type plus ID/registration number that should be on your completion certificate. Give email address so your completion certificate can be emailed to you.

You can go back and change answers even after you complete the test. You can "Exit" the test and return to answer more questions (only on this device (computer, laptop, cell phone; a cookie allows this). To enable cookies on the computer and browser, this link has instructions: https://help.surveymonkey.com/articles/en_US/kb/How-do-I-enable-cookies-on-my-computer

After the last test and course evaluation questions you will see your score with percent correct and test answers, and summary of responses of other test takers. If you scored less than 70% you can go back and change answers or, even if  =/>70%, to increase your score. You must use the same device (computer, laptop, cellphone) do be able to reopen the test web page (a cookie is saved on your computer to allow this).

After you complete the test a notification is automatically sent to Health Education Partners. To ensure, however, Health Education Partners knows you completed the test complete the short form on the web page you will be taken to after clicking the last "Done" button.

Completion certificates are usually emailed to participants within 72 hours (most often same day) after notification the test was completed.

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* 1. Contact and Information for Completion Certificate(s)

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