How Can YC Help

During this time where the schools have been shut down by the Governor, YC is looking for ways we can help our community. Below is a quick questionnaire to help better understand the struggles our community members are going through and what needs we might be able to help with at this time.  

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* 1. Select the struggles you currently find yourself in. NOTE: A Plan for At Home Education will be released to the parents soon once we have determined the best plan of action per school. 

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* 2. I have all of my needs met. Therefore, I would like to help where I can (Please select what you are able to help with for those community members in need).

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* 3. If you are able to help, please provide your name and contact information. 

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* 4. If you are someone in need, please provide your contact information. All entries are confidential and private. 

Follow the Coronavirus Page we have on our YC District website for additional information, news and other related content as it becomes available. 

This survey does not guarantee that these services will be provided to you. The purpose of this survey is to gather the information needed in order to better understand the needs of the community as well as gather the information of those able to help in various ways.

Additional information regarding the steps we will be taking as a district to help continue the education of our students will be released in the coming days while we continue to gather information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 
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