Tell us what you think, then come back to the Flying Aces website in a month to see the results! 

* 1. What is your perception of cleanliness on an airplane?

* 2. When you fly, what do you think are the top 3 dirtiest parts on the aircraft?

  #1  #2  #3 
lavatory faucet
lavatory flush button
lavatory door lock
tray table
seatbelt buckle
seat back entertainment screen
arm rest 
overhead controls (call button, air, light)
overhead bin latches

* 3. Why do you think these are the dirtiest items on an airplane?

* 4. Whats the dirtiest/grossest passenger behavior you have witnessed on a flight? (Feet on the armrest, no shoes in the lav, men traveling without a shirt, hair share-hair over the back of the seat to dangle in your drink, clipping nails, dirty diaper in the seat-back pocket, etc.)

* 5. Have you ever felt that you got sick from being on an airplane?

* 6. Do you ever bring your own cleaning supplies to sanitize your personal space on a flight?

* 7. Any other comments on this topic?

* 8. Are you a Flying Ace member?