We are recruiting ALL parents and caregivers of babies aged 6-9 months who are currently living in New Zealand. This questionnaire asks about how your baby has been fed from birth to 6 months. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers. If you have more than one baby enrolled in this study, please fill out a separate questionnaire for each baby. All of the data collected is anonymous and your answers will be held in strict confidence. For more information about the study click here

* 1. Do you consent to taking part in this study?

* 2. Are you currently living in New Zealand? To take part in this study you must be living in New Zealand.

* 3. Where in New Zealand was your baby born?

* 4. What is your baby's birth date?

Birth date

* 5. What is the gender of your baby

* 6. What gestational age was your baby born at? (e.g. 39 weeks and 4 days)

* 7. How was your baby delivered?

* 8. How was your baby fed whilst he/she was in hospital?

* 9. How was your baby fed in the first week after they were born (tick all that apply)?

* 10. What milk did your baby receive in the first week (tick one)?

* 11. If baby received formula milk in the first week, what were the main reasons (tick all that apply)?