Thank you for participating in this short survey.

The survey aims to find out what you know about your specialist medical college's efforts to try to attract Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander doctors, and what it is doing to retain and support them.

Your responses will help the Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association (AIDA) to better support specialist medical colleges towards growing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical workforce and the cultural safety of medical colleges and the health system.

If you decide to fill out the survey, please rest assured that your data will stay absolutely anonymous and that your answers cannot be traced back to you.
This survey will take about 3 minutes to complete. Your voice matters, so thank you for taking the time to do so!

Question Title

* 2. Are you

Question Title

* 3. Are you interested in what medical colleges are doing to attract and retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Doctors?

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* 4. In your opinion, the information and learning provided on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in your training curriculum is

  don't know not at all some of it mostly all of it too much
strength based
deficit based
in depth
alloted enough time