Spring 2017 TEFD Teaching & Diversity Professional Development Series

Welcome to the registration form for the Diversity Lunch Talk: Let’s Talk About It – Facilitating Difficult Dialogues and Managing Hot Moments in College Classes. The event is part of TEFD’s Spring 2017 Teaching & Diversity Professional Development Series, open to faculty, post-docs, and graduate students.
Come for lunch, connect and join your colleagues to explore issues related to diversity, inclusion and equity in teaching.

Date: Tuesday, February 21 from 11:30 AM - 1:00PM
Location: 904-08 Campus Center
Pizza and salad.


Have you ever experienced that moment during class when emotions run high and the discussion turns into a heated exchange where people feel defensive and stop listening to each other? Such hot moments can have serious negative impacts on your students and their learning.  As instructors, you may feel triggered yourself, or you may feel helpless and even paralyzed, not knowing how to respond. Maybe you even find yourself trying to avoid controversial topics.

In this workshop, we will open a space for conversation to explore purposeful strategies for cooling down tension and turning hot moments into powerful learning opportunities.


Reflect on and describe hot moments that you experienced in your classes.

Identify proactive strategies that will allow you to develop a learning environment that fosters your students’ productive engagement with controversial topics.

Explore purposeful strategies that can help you to facilitate difficult dialogues and hot moments.

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