Community Garden Host Questionnaire

Please note!: We use this form to collect information about you and your garden. Each site we visit is unique and beautiful in its own way, and not having any particular amenity does not mean we can’t come, we just want to know if you have it readily available. We will contact you to follow up with a few more questions and to arrange a site visit.

* 1. What is the name of your host site? If it doesn't have a name, give it one!

* 2. We want everyone to be invited, and we need your help connecting us with people in our community. Each host site needs to have the assistance of one garden contact or coordinator who can connect with fellow gardeners, friends, and neighbors about opportunities to volunteer and to invite these people to the performance. This person will need to be present during the performance. Who is this person?

* 3. Role (for example: Garden Coordinator, Volunteer, etc.)

* 4. Email

* 5. Phone (cell phone preferred)

* 6. What is the exact address or cross-street of the site?

* 7. Is there a good place to park our vehicles and trailer and unload our sets and costumes?

* 8. Can you provide access to a bathroom for performers and audience members. (It can be the same bathroom, and can be in a nearby church or private home.) We strongly prefer locations with restrooms accessible to individuals with disabilities, and can provide information about renting this amenity.

* 9. Can you provide us access to a rain site (a place to hold the performance in the event of bad weather)? We really don’t want to cancel a show--a church, school, or community center would be great, we can fit our performance almost anywhere.

* 10. Patron donations are an important part of how we fund this project and pay our artists. Do we have permission to “pass the hat” for voluntary donations at the end of the performance?

* 11. Are there any clarifications about the above questions, or any other information you think we should know about your site and the people involved?