Thank you for volunteering to host international camp staff!

Girl Scout families are needed to host camp staff from all over the United States and all over the world!

What kind of accommodations are needed to host camp staff?
We ask that you provide a bed, couch, futon or air mattress for each camp staff.  We also ask that you provide internet access for camp staff to contact their families and friends back home.

How many camp staff do we need to host?
We ask that you host a minimum of two camp staff at one time.

Where are camp staff from?
Camp staff are from all over the US and all over the world, including: Australia, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Scotland, South Korea, South Africa, and Turkey.

Where will I pick-up the camp staff?
Host families are needed to pick-up camp staff at Dulles Airport, National Airport, Union Station, BWI and other metro DC locations.  When you sign up to be a Host Family, you can indicate where your family is willing to pick-up camp staff.

How long will the camp staff stay at my home?
Most camp staff arrive in the DC area two days before they begin working at camp.  Host Families are also welcome to host their camp staff on a weekend or two during the summer.

What is expected of host families?
We expect that your family will help your camp staff to feel comfortable in a new environment. Most staff members will have jetlag and many will just want a chance to rest at first. Others will be more interested in sending an email back home to let family and friends know they have arrived safely.  And some may appreciate some local sightseeing!

Where will I drop off the camp staff at the end of their stay?
Camp staff will need to be dropped off at their camp.  When you sign up to be a Host Family, you can indicate which camps your family is willing to travel to.

How many times can my family host camp staff?
When you sign up to be a Host Family, you can indicate how many times you would like to host camp staff.  You may host camp staff just once, or on more than one occasion.

Host Family Dates
Host Families are needed on the following dates for summer 2019.  You may choose which dates your family is available later in the survey.
May 29 - June 1
June 1-3
June 5-7
June 12-14
Other dates in early/mid June

Camp Staff Arrival Times
Camp Staff may arrive at the airport at any time of the day.  We will provide flight information as soon as it is available, usually a few weeks ahead of time.  If you are not available to pickup camp staff when their flight arrives, we ask that you pick them up within 3 hours.  Please communicate this with camp staff ahead of time and arrange a time and place to meet at the airport.

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* 4. Please list any pets living in your house.