All nominations will be considered on a rolling basis as awards will be given out two times throughout the 2017-2018 school year. To nominate a Pelham teen, click "Next" below, and please include as many specifics as you can regarding your nominee. All required questions on the nomination form must be completed in order for a nominee to be considered.

The Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award is a chance to honor the youth in our community for achievements and qualities that go beyond academics or athletics, including COMPASSION, LEADERSHIP, DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE, and INTEGRITY. Examples include those who assumed extraordinary roles within their families, always help at events, are quick to befriend a new student, are always going above and beyond in jobs or volunteer projects, have made significant strides in academics or behavior and consistently assist their neighbors.

We are currently accepting nominations for the HOPP Award that will be given out in May. We will be accepting nominations for that award through April 15, 2018.

Thanks for helping us recognize the unsung actions of Pelham's youth!
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