Follow Up Consent

Thank you for completing this follow-up questionnaire for the Hope Project.  Your answers have three important functions.

1.  For you to stop and consider what aspects of your relationship have changed, or not, after engaging in couple intervention for a time.  Your voice and experience is an essential part of the clinic - we are literally co-creating this clinic with you.  If you would like to go over the total scores and information with your counselor- just ask.  We are glad to share where your scores have changed.
2. Your clinician gets important feedback for improvement.  As new clinicians, this is very important information.
3.  We conduct ongoing research on this approach to couple counseling, what is working, and not working and we regularly present and publish our results to benefit counselors around the world.  Link to see one of our articles if you are a "research geek" too.

Thank you for partnering with us in evaluating the counseling we collaborate with you in all that we do.