Dear Friend of Hope, 

Our mission at The Hope Learning Academy Chicago is to create a learning environment that supports students to achieve optimally, regardless of socioeconomic background, learning style or disability. This mission is realized by creating a school that lives up to its vision – to create a demonstration school within the Chicago Public School system that changes the way children are educated in Chicago.

Our population is made up of children and their families from all over the great city of Chicago, creating a unique community unlike any other in the city. Our community is not geographical, instead, we are defined by our people. Our school model is vitally important to our students and their families because we offer life-changing education and services they cannot access anywhere else in the city.

Expansion is necessary because of this remarkable and exceptional community. The children that we serve travel from across the city to our school for a reason, and we are cutting their potential short by not allowing them to continue through middle school with their community. Last year, we requested expansion to the 6th grade. Although CPS denied our initial request, we have not given up hope of expansion. To this end, we are completing a Request for Proposal, or RFP, to request not only a 6th grade, but a 7th and 8th as well. Part of this process is supplying CPS with letters of support from our neighbors, which is where you come in!

For this process we are requesting support from you. Please complete this survey on behalf of The Hope Learning Academy Chicago. Our hope is to paint a detailed picture of why adding a middle school to the Hope Learning Academy is vitally important to our community and city.

We appreciate your support!

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* 1. Do you support the expansion of The Hope Learning Academy Chicago to include 6th, 7th, and 8th grade?

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