1. What type of company are you?

2. Are your currently selling a food product?

3. Please describe the food items you are selling OR are interested in producing: (e.g., soups, prepared or frozen foods, seasonal crops, dairy, free-range poultry/beef OR please describe your catering or restaurant business)

4. If you are currently producing a food item:

5. What type of equipment do you need to prepare your food product? Please check each item needed:

6. Is there any other specialized equipment that you require?

7. How many times and hours per week would you use the Hope & Main facility?

8. What time of day would you need the facility? (check all that apply)

9. Would you use the facility on weekdays, weekends or both?

11. Are there other professional services or supports that your business needs?

12. Hope & Main plans to manage an on-site, year-round "Town Market" on weekends. This market will offer specialty & prepared food products; farm fresh local produce, meat, fish & dairy; and will showcase area food businesses. Members of the Hope & Main kitchen incubator can participate at no charge.

13. What do you feel is a reasonable fee:

14. Who is your targeted end-user? (i.e., population and/or demographic)
For example: children, dogs, diabetics, upscale, special dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegetarians, health-conscious, singles, families, a certain ethnic group, or perhaps you're unsure.

15. What is your current or intended channel of distribution?
(check all that apply)

16. If you are a food start-up venture (either specialty food producer or caterer):

  Yes No
a. Do you currently have a business plan?
b. Do you currently have financing?
c. Do you have prior experience in the food business?
d. Do you have a license from the state Department of Health to produce your product?

17. What is your target distribution area?

18. What is your sales goal per month, i.e., both in volume and dollars?

19. Hope & Main will also offer a private banquet facility on site with a capacity of 75-100 people.

20. Hope & Main will offer food demonstration and classroom space that can be utilized by local chefs to showcase their businesses or to offer cooking demonstrations or classes to the public.

21. Would you be interested in attending a meeting to discuss future plans for the development of the Hope & Main facility?
If you would like to attend an informational meeting, please make sure you supply us with your contact information.

22. Do you have any further thoughts about Hope & Main that you would like to share with us? Is there anything else you want us to know about your food business or your needs?

23. The following questions will allow us to classify your responses and enable us to contact you as our plans progress!

24. Do you know of anyone else who might be interested in using this kitchen incubator?
Please feel free to pass along the link for this surevy or to provide us with their contact information: