During the recent public consultations, a suggestion was made to establish a maximum floor area for homes in order to retain the rural character of Cortes Island and help protect the affordability of properties into the future.
Some other jurisdictions that are highly desirable places to live for both full-time and seasonal residents, such as Whistler and the surrounding rural areas of the Squamish Lillooet Regional District, have put limits on the maximum floor area of homes. The intent is to prevent creating communities of mini-estates that are only seasonally occupied and unaffordable to those residents trying to make a living locally.  
The Cortes Island Official Community Plan includes the following related policy language:

303 a.  To provide for forms of development that are mindful of the capacity of the land to support development, and that do not disrupt the area's rural character.

303 h.  To preserve Cortes' unique natural environment so that current users and future generations may continue to enjoy the area's scenic beauty and physical attributes.

410.1 b. To provide affordable and attainable housing opportunities.

A limit on home size would not affect existing homes but would affect new homes.

Thank you for your openness to exploring this suggestion.  We have learned a lot from you during this consultation process and look forward to hearing your comments for or against.

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* 1. Do you support a maximum floor area limit for single family homes in the zones that permit residential use?

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* 2. If you answered yes above, what should the maximum floor area for single family homes be:

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