Forms received by February 28th will be included in the random draw pool.

* 1. Housing requests are limited to Lay Delegates and Clergy members of the Holston Conference

* 2. Please enter your first name:

* 3. Please enter your middle initial:

* 4. Please enter your last name:

* 5. Please enter your address:

* 6. 2018 Conference Dates: Sunday, June 10 - Wednesday, June 13
Please enter your arrival and departure dates:


* 7. Please rank at least 4 of the following properties to indicate your lodging preference (1 = top choice, 4 = last choice):  Terrace and Lambuth have a 3 night minimum stay.

  1 2 3 4 5
The Terrace (Sun-Wed 3 night minimum stay.  Extremely limited availability).
Lambuth Inn (Sun-Wed 3 night minimum stay)
Junaluska Apartments
Lakeside Lodge
Lake Junaluska Campground (see below)

* 8. If Campground is one of your options, please let us know your site type request and rig size.

* 9. Please list any additional guests who will be staying in the room:

* 10. Is the guest 11 years old or under?

  Yes No
Guest 1:
Guest 2:
Guest 3:
Guest 4:

* 11. Special Housing Needs: If you have a physician-prescribed medical handicap that requires special rooming needs due to mobility, please indicate those needs and your government issued parking permit number.

Note: Indication of special needs is for the delegate or clergy member only, not for any family members.

* 12. Please enter any comments or additional information about your reservation request.  All requests will be responded to by phone or email by March 14th.

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