Every day of the year, the City of Seattle asks you to be super safe. Whether driving, walking, or biking, we encourage people to take it slow and watch out for others.

During the winter holiday season, we ask people to pay extra attention. In the past, the number of pedestrians injured by cars in the downtown core has increased during the holidays – there are more people, fewer hours of sunlight, and more distractions.

Beginning in 2009, the city launched a downtown-focused Holiday Pedestrian Safety Campaign to build awareness and reduce collisions. The 2013 holiday season marked the fifth year of a five year campaign that stems from the city's Pedestrian Master Plan. We're happy to report that collisions are decreasing, but there's still much work to be done to reach our goal of zero fatalities and serious injuries on Seattle's streets.

In 2014, we'll be evaluating the overall campaign. We're asking you to take this quick survey to provide feedback on campaign messages and materials, and to share your ideas on what to keep or change for future pedestrian safety efforts.

Thanks for your help!