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Thank you for taking the time to complete our Survey.  

C.S.Simons Consulting is a boutique consulting firm conducting market research to gauge attitudes and motivators of business people who either have experience hiring consultants or those of who are considering hiring a consultant.

This brief survey will take only 3 minutes and give you the chance to be entered to our raffle that will either help you, your favorite charity, or your business.
Thank you for your honest input and if you have any additional feedback you feel we should know please contact us through our website:


Carpe diem!

* 1. Are you ? (check all that apply)

* 2. Longevity of business entity?

* 3. Which best describes your industry?

* 5. How did you meet the consultant(s) you have worked with?

* 6. Pick the top 3 most important to you when selecting a Consultant

* 7. When using a Consultant, I would utilized them as a ______?

* 8. What are your prime motivators for using a Consultant? (check all that apply)

* 9. Areas of your business you would be likely to use a consultant for ?

  Very Likely Somewhat Likely Uncertian Somewhat unlikely Not Very Likely N/A
Human Resources - Hiring
Human Resources - On boarding
Human Resources - Training
Human Resources - Succession Planning
Accounting - Bookkeeping
Accounting - Taxes
Financial Management - Daily/Monthly Systems
Financial Management - P&L generation & review
Financial Management - Budgeting Strategy
Daily Operations - Management procedures
Daily Operations - Auditing / Business Continuity
Daily Operations - System generation & Implmentation
Business Development - Marketing/Sales
Business Development - Web Design & Content
Organizational Effectiveness - Process mapping or Project Management
Organizational Effectiveness - Business Analytics
Product Development - Research
Product Development - Profitability Assessments
Product Development - Production Process
Product Development - Supply Chain

* 10. How would you measure success after working with a consultant ?

  Extremely Important Very Important Important Somewhat unimportant Completely unimportant
Popularity of the consultant(s) used with in my organization
Availability and reaction time to questions or calls
Implementation period following consultant(s) departure
Delivery of services per contract timelines
Value of improvements to the business
Project costs
Reputation of consultant(s) in business community

* 11. If you would like to be entered in the raffle for completing this survey, please fill out your contact information !

* 12. Should you win the raffle, please select your preferred prize