Delco Hi-Q Hall of Honor Nomination Form

The Delco Hi-Q Hall of Honor was started by Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union and the Delaware County Intermediate Unit in 2005. The purpose of the Hall of Honor is to: 
1.    Provide role models for team members by honoring former participants who have distinguished themselves.
2.    Honor those educators and supporters who have made extraordinary contributions to the Delco Hi-Q program.
Eligibility for Induction:

The Hall of Honor consists of distinguished past Delco Hi-Q participants and individual supporters of the program.

Past participants must have competed for at least one season in the Delco Hi-Q program before being considered for induction.

Past participants will only be considered a minimum of seven years after high school graduation.

Educators and supporters who have made significant contributions to the program during or after their affiliation with Delco Hi-Q are eligible for consideration without any time constraints. 

Faculty Advisors are eligible after one season of separation from the program.
The judging committee will consider all nominations and will make selections solely on the basis of the individual’s accomplishments and contributions.

 Inductees will be recognized at the annual Delco Hi-Q Partners in Education Celebration and will become part of the Hall of Honor display at DCIU.

* 1. Your Name

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* 4. Nominee

* 5. Nominee's High School

* 6. Years participating in Hi-Q (i.e. 1995-1997)

* 7. Nominee's Address, Telephone, and email

* 8. Nominee's affiliation with Hi-Q

* 9. Why do you believe the nominee should be included in the Delco Hi-Q Hall of Honor? Please use specific examples.