Welcome to the Hineni Fellowship Application

We are excited that you have taken the first step towards engaging in the Hineni Fellowship. The Fellowship is a robust and unique program focused on developing the next generation of queer Jewish leadership.

To that end, we have designed an application that is focused on ensuring that we have a diverse, representative, talented, and accomplished cohort. View it as a way of letting us get to know you, your achievements, connection to Judaism, and your relationship with your community and share with us what is important to you about your identity.
The application consists of educational, professional, and biographical questions and concludes with two 500-word essay questions. The responses will not save in the survey from session to session, so we recommend writing out your answers to the essays in advance, in a separate word processor, and then pasting them into the form. Your application will not be complete without the essays submitted. The two questions are as follows:

(1) We all live with multiple identifiers in society--religion, race, ethnicity, disabilities, LGBTQ+, etc. How central in your personal sense of identity do the identifiers "Jewish" and "LGBTQ+" figure? What do these concepts mean to you? How do they relate to the many other possible points of identity in your life?
(2) What do you see as the one to two most challenging issues facing the Jewish community and what would you like to see happen in response to those challenges? If applicable, how would you envision your personal role in addressing these problems?

Good luck!
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