Evaluation of Title I Programs

The Title I A and D grant programs, funded through the federal No Child Left Behind Act, support several evaluation areas, including Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Family and Community, Secondary Education, and Educator Quality and Retention. VISD receives Title I A funds annually to support efforts to improve student achievement, staff quality, and parent involvement at VISD schools with a high percentage of low-income students. 

Vernon ISD uses federal funding to provide Reading and Math intervention classes, to reduce class size by hiring additional teachers, to provide stipends for ESL teachers, to provide a social worker, to provide A+ Credit Recovery for prevention of drop outs, and for parental involvement activities.

* 1. As we strive to make our school a safe and motivating place for your child to learn, we are reviewing our current parent programs. Your input is vital.

Were you provided with a copy of the School—Parent Compact during the fall Meet the Teacher Night?

* 2. Do you understand your responsibilities required in the School—Parent Compact?

* 3. Did you conference with your child’s teacher(s) and discuss the School—Parent Compact at the Meet the Teacher Night?

* 4. Were you provided with a copy of the CAMPUS Parent Involvement Policy?

* 5. Were you provided a copy of the DISTRICT Parent Involvement Policy?

* 6. 6. Were you invited to attend the Meet the Teacher Night and the Annual Title I Meeting?

* 7. Did you attend the Meet the Teacher night and Annual Title I Meeting during which the Title I programs and activities were explained?

* 8. Are you kept informed about parental involvement activities offered by the school?

* 9. Did you attend any parental involvement activities during the school year?

* 10. What prevents you from attending parental involvement activities at school?

* 11. What can the school do to make it possible for you to attend parental involvement activities at school?