Take charge of your life

What do you need?

Are you: bored? Pissed off about school? Wondering why your days are filled with your current activities? Waiting for life to get interesting? Trying to figure out who’s plan you’re living?

You have access to all the world's information, but society keeps telling you what's best for you--one size fits all: core testing; PSAT; sports; music; community service; AP courses; grades; SAT; college; loans; graduation; jobs; money.

When do you discover what’s meaningful to you? The thing where you lose track of time; wake up anxious to get started.

How would you feel if you could design and live your own plan? One that taps into your core interests, is tailored to your learning style, helps you build relationships, and excel in what you do. How would you like to create a sense of direction and purpose that eliminates the frustration of being a player in someone else's plan, and fuels your growth with passion?

HighPrep is designing an online coaching program to provide you with knowledge and skills to become the architect of your life; to take charge; to become independent & transcend the ordinary!

A Little Help?

Will you help us dial-in our program by telling us what's most important to you in a 10-minute survey? You'll be helping create something valuable for your fellow teens, and may become interested in the types of sessions we’re planning.


* 1. After reading the description above, how interested are you in this type of coaching?

* 2. If we created an online teen coaching service personalized to you, what would you want it to be about? What results would you want it to give you?